Tanning in the sun or in a salon can be dangerous for your skin and your overall health. We here at Airbrush Tanning are concerned about our clients and their long term health. No one needs to take health risks in an effort to improve their appearance. That’s why we have developed the most advanced airbrush tanning techniques in the industry to help our clients look their best without the risk of skin cancer. We have partnered with some of the greatest minds in the health and aesthetic industry to create a system of airbrush tanning that surpasses the expectations of our clients.

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United Medical Education has been an instrumental player in being an advocate of preventing skin cancer. They particularly have made an effort to not just teach and educate the general population about the risks of skin cancer but also teach a variety of courses about what to do in a medical emergency. Some clients that experience a critical health event may need the assistance of someone who is familiar with ACLS, PALS, or BLS training.

There are many reasons why doing an ACLS recertification course is beneficial. Learning Advanced Cardiac Life support may be important to a person for personal reasons, or more likely, it may be a required skill to have in order to work in a certain profession. Online ACLS makes it easy to become recertified.

ACLS certification online makes the process simple and is an affordable option for anyone. When considering taking an online ACLS course, it is important to choose one that is accredited and AHA compliant. Once a medical professional has taken the exam and been certified, it may be necessary to do the ACLS renewal at a future date. Information is updated over the years, so staying current is necessary and important.

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Medical workers can refresh their skills and inform themselves of the latest updates on techniques and technology by doing their ACLS recertification online. This is extremely convenient, especially since medical workers in particular often have a busy schedule. Once the course has been completed and the exam has been passed successfully, the individual will receive their card proving that they have been recertified properly.

PALS certification online ensures that a health care provider is qualified to do Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Anyone working in the medical field with children should be certified. The program was created by the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics to ensure that care providers know the correct skills and techniques to assist their patients with potentially life threatening injuries or conditions.

Receiving PALS certification online is completely valid and acceptable. Since there are no time limits on learning the skills and taking the exam, an individual can work at their own pace to learn and really take in all of the information. It is so important that all materials are read through entirely so that no information is missed. It is an affordable and extremely convenient option.

Basic Life Support is a crucial and comprehensive program for anyone working in a medical related position, from hospital workers, to emergency response workers. Having these skills can make an incredible difference in people’s lives. CPR training is one of the main components of the BLS certification online course. A flexible training schedule is perfect for busy professionals.


Medical workers are faced with situations on a daily basis that require them to react quickly in order to assist patients. There are also many cases in everyday life where a person with the proper Basic Life Support skills can save someone’s life when an emergency occurs. Being in the right place at the right time and having skills such as CPR may mean that a person can become a life saver. Not only is this critical for those working in the field of emergency medical work, it is also incredibly helpful for everyday life situations.

A BLS certification online will teach the different techniques needed in order to perform CPR on infants, children, and adults. There are also different techniques for using bag masks, as well as rescue breathing. Learning how to handle a choking situation is also explored in depth. All of these skills can be useful in medical facilities, as well as in real life situations when an emergency occurs.

Taking courses for ACLS renewal, PALS certification online, and BLS certification online is an excellent choice for busy professionals. The training materials can be studied at home, the exam can be taken right over the web, and upon successful completion, the certification card will be mailed out. There is no better way to become certified or recertified in these critical courses and refresh the necessary skills.