Your Health and Tanning

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and one of the most important. Most people don’t think about all the functions and roles the skin plays in daily living but it goes far beyond exterior beauty. 

The skin is the primary barrier between your body and the elements. It protects you from foreign bacteria and viruses. It also insulates your organs and provides a layer of protection as you interact with foreign objects. This is just the beginning. The skin also holds much of your touch, pressure, and heat sensory cells helping you to navigate the word.

But despite all of these important functions of the skin, we rarely view it as an essential organ that we need to care for. Here at Airbrush Tanning we want to help our customers recognize the value of maintaining healthy skin. Those who are outside frequently and neglect their skin run a very serious risk for skin cancer. Those who neglect their skin likely neglect other parts of their body and as a result are at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. For those of you who are interested in learning how to better recognize the signs of someone in a medical emergency try visiting United Medical Education. They have a large library of ACLS algorithms and certification instruction online that can help.

Healthy Skin For Safety and Longevity

Now that you know the importance of taking care of your skin. Consider spray tanning instead of roasting in a hot bed or laying outside in the sun. Wearing sunblock daily is the first step towards saving your skin and looking youthful throughout life.  If long term beauty is your goal remember that spray tanning is a much better option than regular tanning. Regular tanning will age your skin quickly and can even lead to premature aging. Since the skin is largest organ others can see, taking care of it is a true sign of how well we take care of ourselves. 

What You Can Expect With Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a simple procedure that takes as little as 15 minutes. If you’re already familiar with the process and what products you want, you can be in and out of our clinic in under a half hour. Our clients love this because not only are they saving their skin but they are also saving time. Why lay in a sticky tanning bed or out in the sun for endless amounts of time and for endless sessions? You are much better off coming to our office and receiving a free consultation.

Emergencies In The Sun

Medical emergencies can often occur in the sun. Most people don’t consider 1st or 2nd degree burns just by being out in the sun for long periods of time, but it can and does occur. This most often happens when someone wants to tan and finds themselves falling asleep. It is easy to occur. When outside always remember to wear your sunscreen and to cover up. If you have have any parts of your body that rarely see the sun be sure to take extra precautions when they are exposed. The last thing we want is for our clients to have permanent scarring from one bad decision. 

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Spa Workers are Often Healthcare Workers

relaxSpa workers are often licensed in healthcare procedures and as such must have the appropriate certifications to practice what procedures they are performing. Keeping these licenses up to date is critical. If these licenses expire than the facility is put at great risk along with their clients.

The health care professional tasked with staying current with such important life saving techniques as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) say they’ve opted for online courses simply because the courses are accredited, user friendly and very convenient.

In fact, those medical workers who also need their certification card for Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) courses say they are most appreciative that this important training has now moved from the traditional classroom setting to online courses that make one’s ACLS online renewal that much easier.

“I heard that online ACLS was no piece of cake, but I opted for ACLS certification online because I was just too busy at the hospital to schedule time for typical classroom course,” explained one health worker who successfully completed her ACLS renewal online.


Warm bath

“I also went the route of taking my ACLS recertification online; while my friends said they were pleased with PALS certification online and also BLS certification online.”

Thus, many nurses, paramedics and others needing a course completion card for their job requirements said they were pleased as punch that this certification was now available online.

Getting certified has never been easier

With so many options available for health care workers who need either certification or recertification training to remain current in their job description, it’s no wonder that more and more health care professionals are accomplishing their training requirements online as compared to taking traditional classroom courses in the hospital or at other locations.

“I knew this online ACLS study guide was the right choice after reading that it was written by both trained medical doctors and the AHA,” said a nurse who began studying for her ACLS exam as soon as she registered for certification. I got my card right after I passed my exam online. It was that easy.”

In turn, other medical professionals are also commenting online about how their course exam was instantly graded when they submitted their answers to the exam for either their certification or recertification.



Medical training now 100% online

Because most ACLS, PALS and BLS certification is now being offered online, customers are making various comments about “how great it is to take your time to prepare for this exam.”

For instance, one health care worker said she had trouble with her certification after not fully understanding some instruction during a classroom training session. “What’s different for me with online courses like this is that I can better prepare for the exam on my own time, and not being forced to test before I’m ready.”

At the same time, most online course administrators note that with their comprehensive online study guide and plenty of pace yourself practice tests, they’re seeing more successful test takers earn their certification cards.

Get certification fast and easy

When it comes to today’s digital age, the watchword is “fast.”
Thus, it’s no surprise that busy health care workers want fast and easy ways to complete their required certification or renewal.

“I needed my card like yesterday so I turned to these online ACLS courses because it’s much easier to take your final test, and then get your certification cards over waiting to be scheduled for traditional classroom training,” explained one health care worker.

In turn, the worker said his online training material and exam passed the inspection of AHA trained and licensed medical doctors.

“I needed to be sure that my certification was proper, and when I read that the online course I’d chosen was accredited by the National Board for Emergency Continuing Medical Education; I knew that I had done the right thing.”

Overall, those who opt for online certification courses over classroom training say they also enjoyed their online course work because it included information about the latest clinically recommended Advanced Cardiac Life Support knowledge currently available.

Moreover, most online course providers make note that the ACLS Certification Institute has accredited the course work through the National Board for Emergency Continuing Medical Education.

At the same time, many busy health professionals note that it’s not always easy to pass the required exam for ACLS, PALS or BLS because at least an 80 % correct is required to pass and receive one’s card.

Thus, test takers say the online course option is great for them because even if they do not pass the exam on their first attempt, they get unlimited free retakes.

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What You Should Consider When Choosing A Spa

Spa Essentials
Spa Essentials


Finding a spa that puts their customers first is not always easy. Most spas use marketing techniques to get people in the door but do as little as possible to build an experience for their customers. Other issues arise when the staff are not properly trained or even prepared for emergencies that can occur. It is important to find a spa that has staff always available that are trained in ACLS online certification along with PALS and BLS certification.

There are so many online sites offering online ACLS certification as well as PALS certification online, but only a few of this bunch as accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA). This is in light of the fact that any individual can get the certification, most especially medical doctors, nurses, firemen, paramedics, school coaches and teachers. Organizations have made things easier for such professionals to get the required ACLS certification online as well as ACLS online renewal. The online courses are meant to assist individuals who are too busy to attend a classroom for training.

Gym Essentials
Gym Essentials


An Advanced Cardiac Life support online Course as well as the Pediatric advance life support course are both part of the Basic life support training (BLS). Getting a BLS certification online is simple fast and convenient. The process of getting ACLS recertification online and ACLS renewal is almost similar to getting a first time certification. ACLS recertification online has always been considered a great alternative for ACLS renewal for nurses and doctors because it involves continuing education. Such professionals are required to register online and study the online materials before taking the requisite test. The test contains about 50 questions with four possible answers to choose from. It takes about 1 hour to complete.

Naturally, an individual ought to consider the best online organization or institution to take the training as well as the examination. All online ACLS tests have to be AHA compliant to ensure that an individual is getting the best training from an accredited institution or organization. Another factor that will determine an individual’s choice of online training is the availability of training materials or course manuals. These materials ought to be based on the most current AHA guidelines.

The fees payable for a person to attend an ACLS online renewal training course ranges between $100 and $200 depending on the organization and whether the examination is for recertification, certification or renewal. An individual can also choose an online site to take the PALs certification online or the BLS certification online if they give online credit from continuing education for purposes of recertification. This is an additional benefit that not all online organization can provide for their users. It is also important to ensure that the services offered by an online institution are available all day and all night. This is because people read at different hours and would want to log onto their accounts whenever and wherever.

Ideally, online ACLS has to be making the life of the person intending to take the course easier. After registration, such a person ought to have access to all the requisite materials and examination links. This provides an opportunity for anyone to prepare for and take the examination at his own time. This system also allows an individual to apply for the ACLS card online. This means that once a person gets for the confirmation email, he does not have to wait for the real card to be able to provide his services to people that need it because he can just download the downloadable certification card and make use of it.

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Building a Health Spa and How to Get BLS, PALS, And ACLS Certification Online

Providing life support procedures during an emergency case or scenario is necessary if you’re going to open your own personal health spa. Many states require such facilities to have trained professionals on staff at any given time if procedures are going to be performed. Performing such can definitely help improve the chances of the person for recovery. Because of this, a lot of people, most especially the medical professionals, are advised or recommended to undergo BLS, ACLS, or PALS training in order to have their certification. Fortunately, there are already many ways in order to have these certificates. These include ACLS certification online, BLS certification online, and the PALS certification online. Aside from first timers, professionals who are also old holders of these licenses can also have their ACLS online renewal or the ACLS recertification online. This online ACLS renewal is very important in order to further enhance the skills of the professional or the caregiver and incorporate updated training procedures to the practice. In order to know more about these life support procedures, here is a short definition or description of the three life support training programs.

tanning bed
tanning bed

Important Details on Basic Life Support
The Basic Life Support or otherwise known as BLS is a type of training that allows people to carry out basic or primary life support procedures until full medical treatment or care can already be employed. Some of the treatment procedures that are taught in BLS are chest compressions, rescue breaths, and the use of the defibrillators. One of the key things that should be done by a trained BLS professional is to check the airway, breathing, and circulation of the patient or the victim. This is necessary in order to improve the overall condition of the patient. As a matter of fact, statistics show that the risk or chances of survival are significantly increased with the execution of these basic and first aid support procedures. Aside from medical professionals and paramedics, other people can also be taught how to do perform the different BLS procedures. These people include policemen and firefighters.

Things to Know about Advanced Cardiac Life Support
The ACLS or the Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a special type of medical support provided to clients during an emergency situation. The ACLS is actually an advanced version of the BLS since this also involves the administration of basic support procedures such as the CPR. However, the ACLS is only provided to licensed medical professionals since it already involves advanced treatment processes that only trained and registered health providers are allowed to do. These include intubation, application of an electrocardiogram, and the administration of IV medications. Aside from this, the primary cause of the condition can already be provided and identified by a licensed or certified ACLS professional.

Important Facts about Pediatric Advanced Life Support
The PALS can be described as a branch of the ACLS that is focused more on the emergent medical needs of infants and children. A separate course or program is provided for pediatric patients since the needs and the techniques employed in first aid are very different from the ones that are used for adult life support. This is the reason why a separate training program is highly required.

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Learn Before You Tan with ACLS Online Renewal

If you are thinking about starting to tan and you work in the healthcare field now, or you plan to in the future, you will need to have the right skills in order to do so. You are working with patients, some who are very sick, and you need to know you to react appropriately in different situations. The goal of online ACLS training is to focus on cardiac emergencies in particular, so if a patient suffers from a heart attack, stroke or other life threatening situation, you know what to do.

These are not skills that the average person learns on their own and instead, you have to go through proper training. That means getting your ACLS certification, but there are a few things to think about before getting started.

For one, If you think it would be easier for you to complete your studies online, then you may want to think about going through with ACLS certification online. Even if you want to get your PALS certification online, your BLS certification online, or even just go through with an ACLS online renewal course, you can, when you go through us.

We are a top quality center offering courses on ACLS, helping people from around the world, just like you, obtain their certification and advance in their life. You may be interested in getting a promotion in the job you’re currently in, or even have plans to make a big change and travel halfway around the world for a brand new job. Whatever the specifics are in your case, it’s essential that you plan properly and have the necessary skills to even be considered.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going through with your ACLS certification online or ACLS recertification online, as long as you know what you’re doing and are willing to work hard. You can get training around the clock and because you’re doing it online, you’re able to work at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with other students, so you can do things on your own time.

If you already have a full-time job, or you have children, or other obligations that keep you busy, it can be next to impossible to fit even the most necessary things into your day. When you’re completing your studies online, you know that you’re giving yourself the best chances of success because you’re not going to end up frustrated and possibly just giving up because you can’t find the time.

There’s no need to do that when you can study online. Get comprehensive courses through us and work when you can. Flip open your computer the crack of dawn or after the kids are in bed, so you’re not stressed out and constantly having to stay awake around the clock.

If you need to obtain your certification or ACLS renewal, the sooner you can get started, the better. There’s no reason to wait anymore now that you know you have a trusted, reliable educational institution you can go through where you can get all the help you need and obtain your certification. These are skills you will keep for life, and you never know when you’re going to need them.

Even if you don’t plan on working in the healthcare field, if you have children or otherwise want to learn the skills to deal with cardiac emergencies properly, this certification is a must. There may be many different places you could go for this, but once you consider all we have to offer, it becomes pretty easy to see why we make such a top choice.

There’s no need to wait. Even if you have limited time or are working with a tight budget, you can go through us to get the training and information you need. There’s never a need to worry, because we always work to make the process as easy and convenient for you as possible. Not only that, but we guarantee out students will always come out on top and will obtain their certification the first time around.

So whether you have plans to go through with your ACLS certification online, PALS certification online, BLS certification online, or even if you’re just going through with an ACLS online renewal course, we are the solution.

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