Spa Workers are Often Healthcare Workers

relaxSpa workers are often licensed in healthcare procedures and as such must have the appropriate certifications to practice what procedures they are performing. Keeping these licenses up to date is critical. If these licenses expire than the facility is put at great risk along with their clients.

The health care professional tasked with staying current with such important life saving techniques as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) say they’ve opted for online courses simply because the courses are accredited, user friendly and very convenient.

In fact, those medical workers who also need their certification card for Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) courses say they are most appreciative that this important training has now moved from the traditional classroom setting to online courses that make one’s ACLS online renewal that much easier.

“I heard that online ACLS was no piece of cake, but I opted for ACLS certification online because I was just too busy at the hospital to schedule time for typical classroom course,” explained one health worker who successfully completed her ACLS renewal online.


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“I also went the route of taking my ACLS recertification online; while my friends said they were pleased with PALS certification online and also BLS certification online.”

Thus, many nurses, paramedics and others needing a course completion card for their job requirements said they were pleased as punch that this certification was now available online.

Getting certified has never been easier

With so many options available for health care workers who need either certification or recertification training to remain current in their job description, it’s no wonder that more and more health care professionals are accomplishing their training requirements online as compared to taking traditional classroom courses in the hospital or at other locations.

“I knew this online ACLS study guide was the right choice after reading that it was written by both trained medical doctors and the AHA,” said a nurse who began studying for her ACLS exam as soon as she registered for certification. I got my card right after I passed my exam online. It was that easy.”

In turn, other medical professionals are also commenting online about how their course exam was instantly graded when they submitted their answers to the exam for either their certification or recertification.



Medical training now 100% online

Because most ACLS, PALS and BLS certification is now being offered online, customers are making various comments about “how great it is to take your time to prepare for this exam.”

For instance, one health care worker said she had trouble with her certification after not fully understanding some instruction during a classroom training session. “What’s different for me with online courses like this is that I can better prepare for the exam on my own time, and not being forced to test before I’m ready.”

At the same time, most online course administrators note that with their comprehensive online study guide and plenty of pace yourself practice tests, they’re seeing more successful test takers earn their certification cards.

Get certification fast and easy

When it comes to today’s digital age, the watchword is “fast.”
Thus, it’s no surprise that busy health care workers want fast and easy ways to complete their required certification or renewal.

“I needed my card like yesterday so I turned to these online ACLS courses because it’s much easier to take your final test, and then get your certification cards over waiting to be scheduled for traditional classroom training,” explained one health care worker.

In turn, the worker said his online training material and exam passed the inspection of AHA trained and licensed medical doctors.

“I needed to be sure that my certification was proper, and when I read that the online course I’d chosen was accredited by the National Board for Emergency Continuing Medical Education; I knew that I had done the right thing.”

Overall, those who opt for online certification courses over classroom training say they also enjoyed their online course work because it included information about the latest clinically recommended Advanced Cardiac Life Support knowledge currently available.

Moreover, most online course providers make note that the ACLS Certification Institute has accredited the course work through the National Board for Emergency Continuing Medical Education.

At the same time, many busy health professionals note that it’s not always easy to pass the required exam for ACLS, PALS or BLS because at least an 80 % correct is required to pass and receive one’s card.

Thus, test takers say the online course option is great for them because even if they do not pass the exam on their first attempt, they get unlimited free retakes.

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